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About Serving St. Paul's (Kenya)

Serving St. Paul’s (Kenya) is a small foundation based in the Netherlands. The foundation serves the St. Paul's University (SPU) community by supporting students and families who are in financial need. In the Netherlands the foundation raises the necessary funds by receiving gifts and by selling Fair Trade products.



The foundation originally began as an emergency fund or medical fund for (RCEA) students and their families, and workers at St. Paul’s Theological College, Limuru, Kenya. After the Van Spanje family left St. Paul’s in 2000, several families and students asked them for contributions to support their families or to pay their tuition fees. The Van Spanjes knew that students sometimes had to interrupt their studies due to financial worries. Together with friends and parish members in the Netherlands the Van Spanjes raised money for this fund. The funds were managed in co-operation with the finance officers in the parishes. Many people (students and workers) have been supported through the years.


Private foundation

In 2011 a private foundation was established: Serving St. Paul’s (Kenya). The foundation receives gifts not only from friends and parishes but also from companies and sponsors. We also sell Kenyan Fair Trade coffee.


  • Sending newsletters to friends and sponsors. In the newsletters sponsors are informed about the use of the funds.
  • Presenting the work of Serving St. Paul's for example in parishes or groups.
  • Using social media and this website.
  • Selling several Fair Trade products of Kenya, like Zavor Coffee. We buy almost all of our items from Fair Trade certified producers or organisations who have their own specific projects in Kenya and who sell their products to retailers in the West.

In Kenya small grants are given to students and families who need some financial support. We do this after consultation with SPU’s finance officer. Sometimes we receive a request from the SPU administration to support a student.

We hope, with God’s blessing, to continue this work of serving the St. Paul’s University community by being ambassadors for St. Paul’s in the Netherlands.